DHS Election Sting – US Election Fraud

Great Day In America Its a Great Day In America.  Pelosi prepares for her fantasy of running the country under the Constitution’s mandated January 20 congressional provisional election clause. But we are actually witnessing US Election Fraud.  It is well evidenced. We know this and this is not some crazy story. Eighty Million Ballots sent … Read more

Biden Is Busted – Hunter Biden’s Partner Is Talking

Biden selling us out

Hunter Biden’s Partner Is Talking Verified, is an understatement as this is a crystal clear case of Biden Is Busted.  Tony Bobulinski is Hunter Biden’s former Partner and Biden is Busted.  Joe “PinnochiJoe” Biden is a disgrace to the United States Congress, the United States Senate and the Office of Vice President of the United … Read more

Censorship And National Security – Is PinnochiJoe Compromised

Illegal Censorship Unprecedented censorship evident in regard to New York Post breaking news. The New York Post is the fourth largest circulation newspaper in the U.S. Articles appeared, this week in the Post revealing E mail messages allegedly from a lap top owned by Hunter Biden. Those E mails provide a window to influence peddling … Read more

October Surprise Definition – Obama Acts Of Treason

Picture of the professor

Nixon And Obama Bob Woodward the champion of Watergate and his words on how serious Nixon’s crimes were.  Nixon’s crimes came in trying to cover up the dirty tricks campaign of his underlings in breaking into Democrat National Headquarters located in the Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C. G. Gordon Liddy the chief figure in the … Read more

The Lies of Biden- Joe PinnochiJoe Biden

The Joe Biden Agenda

OBJECTIVE FACT: PinnochiJoe Biden’s Son Did Receive 3.5 Million From Baturina By Wire Transfer The Hunter Biden Lie proclaimed by PinnochiJoe Biden in the debate is where we begin.  That PinnochiJoe Biden is a liar is an objective fact. That is a statement we have objective evidence to prove time and again. The Communists (Radical … Read more

Trump Supreme Court Pick – Expect Unrest

Amy Comey Barret

In A Few Hour It Will Be On, As They Say Trump Supreme Court Pick will likely cause a ruckus across the board.  Expect Unrest due to the Calculated Ignorance perpetrated by manipulated education in the indoctrination mills characterized as schools in the United States. I like the way Candace Owens, one of my heroes, … Read more

New Dark Ages – The Hole In The Head Gang

  Chapter Four Objective Statistical Evidence Overwhelms Dictionary definition: “Statistics is a mathematical science pertaining to the collection, analysis, interpretation or explanation, and presentation of data. Statistics are also used for making informed decisions. … Statistical methods can be used to summarize or describe a collection of data; this is called descriptive statistics.” Dawkins abuses … Read more

Next Chapter In The Book – Making the Indictment Stick

The Hole In The Earth Gang Our powerful and crafty Ring Leader always has every detail in view and inspires actors to his desired plans.  Here we find evidence carefully hidden for a thousand years.  Hidden by his unknown accomplices in caves in a desert.  Hidden for the perfect timing for revelation of that evidence. One … Read more