Biden Is Busted – Hunter Biden’s Partner Is Talking

Hunter Biden’s Partner Is Talking

Verified, is an understatement as this is a crystal clear case of Biden Is Busted.  Tony Bobulinski is Hunter Biden’s former Partner and Biden is Busted.  Joe “PinnochiJoe” Biden is a disgrace to the United States Congress, the United States Senate and the Office of Vice President of the United States.  He seeks in less than two weeks to disgrace the nation as President.

Today Tony Bobulinski knows the inside details of the Hunter Biden hatched scandal and illegal course of conspiracy, and its substantive acts, in regard to Joe Biden and Jim Biden (Joe’s brother).  This time it is not in the New York Post.  That story was suppressed by the “high tech” conspirators Jack Dorsey and Mark Zukerberg (CEO’s of Twitter and Facebook repsectively).

This time we have the C-Span documented press conference featuring Tony Bobulinski in person reading his 7 minute and 51 second statement laying out his introduction to Vice President Joe Biden by Hunter Biden and the intimate details and in three cell phones he showed the entire world containing Texts proving the illegal selling of the United States Government influence by the conspirators to our enemies.

==>>Tony Bobulinski Press Conference HERE==>>

Mr. Bobulinsky admits he is a Democrat and has contributed to Democrat causes in the past.  All the more damning to PinnochiJoe named “The Big Guy” and “My Chairman” in the conspiracy by “H” (Hunter Biden) and “J” (Joe Biden’s brother, Jim Biden).

Let’s see would there be conflict of interest with a cloaked (in name … “The Big Guy”) President doing business under the table with a foreign government (Communist China) while occupying the Office of President of The United States?  Selling out the people of the United States and their government’s security.

This clown cannot be elected to the Office he seeks.  He is the most dangerous threat to the security of the United States and its people in our entire history.  Joe Biden you will not be the president of the United States.  The evidence is coming to light.  The evidence thus far is damning to you and an indictment of your weak character and evil vision for your life and our great country.

John Ratcliffe, Director National Intelligence

Last week, John Ratcliffe, Director of National Intelligence made a public statements indicating the evidence of E mails found in Hunter Biden’s abandoned lap tops now in the possession of FBI as they have been since the computer repairman realized the significance of the several thousands of communications between Hunter and the conspirators.

He reported that he made back up copies of the hard drive(s) in the event he became the victim of what we here call Arkancide.  He also gave Rudy Guiliani one copy of the hard drive.

John Ratcliffe in his statement as Director of National Inteligence that he would be fully aware if there were any FBI investigation involving the claims loudly squeeled abroad by the nation hemorrhoid, Adam Schiff.  The reader must never believe this writer is in any way objective where that long eared donkey is concerned.

Ratcliffe said unequvocally “The lap tops are NOT Russian disinformation.”  Mr. Ratcliffe knows!  Once again, Schiff For Brains is out squealing like a pig about his inside knowledge this is Rusisian Disinformation provided to Rudy Guiliani by a Russian Agent.

John Ratcliffe on his actions to curtail leaking of classified information and lay out the primary threat to US Security being China, not Russia.  The Fox Story HERE:

==>>DNI John Ratcliffe explains decision to curtail election intel briefings to Congress, August 30, 2020 HERE<<==

Ratcliffe as he says views more intelligence than anyone in the United States except for the President.  He speaks of the extensive worldwide influence campaign by the Chinese.  Biden’s partners in this conspiracy along with Hunter and Jim.  PinnochieJoe in the debate last night actually compared the President’s golf courses and hotels to his alleged verified involvement.

“H”, “J” and “The Big Guy” as per Tony Bobulinski the conspirators (we have plausible denial, them realizing they are involved in illegal conduct) while the Big Guy runs for the most powerful office on earth, privvy to all of our secrets and involving infrastructure and technology.  How much do “H”, “J” and “The Big Guy” charge the Chinese for classified technilogical information regarding our security and military?

What sort of pictures do the Chinese have on Biden????  We don’t know.  But he is in deep enough for blackmail to do the Chinese’ will.

The Usual Suspects

The other co-conspirators are the “drive by media” as Rush Limbaugh appropriately labels the main stream media (“nothing to see here”) and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) which paid, along with HillBillary for the Steele Dossier then illegally used (with full knowledge on Obama’s watch) to justify FISA warrants leading to the entire Fizzle Fart Impeachment of the President.

Comey, Clapper, Brennan (he did brief Obama and Biden) Strzok, Page among others involved themselves in that illegal conspiracy spearheaded by Hilary Clinton.

Adam Schiff, The National Hemerrhoid

So once again we heard from the national hemorrhoid, Adam Schiff falsely claiming he has intelligence showing the lap tops are a part of Russian disinformation duping R.I.C.O. experienced former US Attorney Rudy Guiliani.  RIGHT!

Then the media all join in on the Schiff talking point reporting it as fact.  Personally I think we should shrink them all to death in vats of Preparation-H on the capital stepps.

Meanwhile the one who knows, John Ratcliffe privvy to all of the classified facts, went on Fox Business with Maria and totally disredited Schiff explaining no such intelligence has been identified and assuredly not shared with Adam Schiff or any other member of congress. John Ratcliffe Quote:

“It’s funny that some of the people who complain the most about intelligence being politicized are the ones politicizing the intelligence,” Ratcliffe said. “Unfortunately, it is Adam Schiff who said the intelligence community believes the Hunter Biden laptop and emails on it are part of a Russian disinformation campaign.”

He added: “Let me be clear: the intelligence community doesn’t believe that because there is no intelligence that supports that. And we have shared no intelligence with Adam Schiff, or any member of Congress.”

Ratcliffe went on to say that it is “simply not true.”  End Ratcliffe Quote

John Ratcliffe flat out calls Schiff the LIAR LIAR PANTS on FIRE he is.  An elected member of the congress is lying to the American people (AGAIN) this time involving the election of the conspirator “The Big Guy”  But it is VERIFIED by another player in the conspiracy Tony Bobulinski who said he was going to Senator Johnson and providing his three cell phones to the FBI.

Here we have Homeland Security Chairman, Ron Johnson on October 15, 2020 on the media’s failure to report on the potential threat possed by a Biden Presidencey and potentially compromised position Biden has placed himself in with respect to not only China but also Russia and Iran.

==>>‘When you engage in such an obvious and glaring conflict of interest… you’re just asking for trouble,’ Johnson tells ‘Hannity’<<==

The Bravery Of Tony Bobulinski

Tony Bobulinski is a Navy veteran from a line of Navy verterans including his father and his grandfather.  He obviously has a conscience unlike Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, Blumenthal and the Biden conspirators among whom he has been situated.

He realizes the national security aspects of this conspiracy.  Christopher Wray (Director FBI) needs to be questioned by the President and William Barr as to why he has sat on this evidence in the Hunter Biden Lap Tops through the entire Trump Impeachment farce “we the people” were subjected too.

Wray needs to be fired before he leaves the Oval Office if he cannot give any reasonable answer.  Attorney General Barr needs to immediately appoint special counsel prior to the election so the criminal conduct of the Democratic Candidate cannot merely sweep it all under the rug in the event he is elected.  God please Forbid.

This is way deeper then a smear campaign as “The Big Guy Claims.”  Joe Biden is guilty of treason.  Bendict Arnold PinnochiJoe Biden.  He needs to leave Washington D.C. in the disgrace he has brought on himself, his brother and his son.  He is a disgrace to the United States of America.

Now validated by the E mails of Hunter Biden and the texts, whatsapp communications, tweets and E mails and the public testimony of Mr. Bobulinski on C-Span.  Biden you’re busted.  Book Em Dano!

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Need Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, Blumenthal, Biden and Harris lying about this.

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