DHS Election Sting – US Election Fraud

Great Day In America

Its a Great Day In America.  Pelosi prepares for her fantasy of running the country under the Constitution’s mandated January 20 congressional provisional election clause. But we are actually witnessing US Election Fraud.  It is well evidenced.

We know this and this is not some crazy story.

Eighty Million Ballots sent out per Congress’ edict justified by what I have called Baloney Virus and Election Virus.  No it is a real disease created by China and I understand people have died.  But it has also been taken advantage of by the Democrat party to effectuate opportunity for massive criminality.

Certified Election Is Legislatures’ Decisions, Not The Media

Legitimate ballots, are cast according to law.  The Constitution enumerates state legislatures’ statutory language define election law in each state.  Foundational Constitutional question is can the state Supreme Court redefine i.e. rewrite election law on the eve of an election?

No!  Aside from how confused people are in our day, Courts Do Not Legislate.  That is why Demonic-Rats (I do not apologize) threw such a fit over the Justice Amy Coney Barrett confirmation.  They want a Supreme Court and lower federal courts, full of activist Justices to pass law when they cannot accomplish their way in legislative process.  Totally unconstitutional.

We the People vote for Congress, and state legislatures to represent them (us) in legislatures and these are where laws come from exclusively per the Constitution. As a check and balance the courts interpret that law against the state and the US Supreme court(s).

      Judicial Convolution

Allegedly, done clandestinely to thwart the criminals manipulating our election the watermark is not visible except with ultraviolet light.  So those unaware they were and are on candid camera (there’s DHS and you’re on candid camera) and they are every one of them busted.  In 2024 we need elections where every ballot is watermarked for authenticity and passes a video camera.

Initially I, along with many others were sucked into this story.  It appears, however, states design and print their own mail in ballots and this story is apparently fraudulent. Liars on both the left and the right will receive their share in the lake of fire. Don’t come to me with weak stories that are untrue trying to convince me, actually manipulate me, especially if you claim to be conservative.

“Book em Dano.”  Justice Alito yesterday Ordered the mail in ballots that came in after 8:00 PM on November 3, 2020, in Pennsylvania segregated from the ballots that came in on time.  They were by the prior Court Order of the Pennsylvania and US Supreme Courts supposed to be segregated already.  Here we have alleged violations of a “point of law” and if the ballots were not segregated Pennsylvania and the Biden team have a problem, those ballots shall be invalidated.

Here is Pennsylvania decision on their own Election Count.  Pennsylvania Officials including their Secretary of State admit they have need for an audit.?  All of this is laid out in this VIDEO:

==>> Pennsylvania State Speaker Of The House, on 2020 Election Audit <<==

The US Supreme Court ruled in a 4-4 tie (Schumer and Pelosi’s ultimate desire is chaos) that the Extension of time for the mail in ballot count put forth by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court should for now stand in a the absence of a decision.  Three Justices we are told, want to rehear it if needs be.  Needs be.

Reminding the reader the legislature of Pennsylvania makes law and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court does not, there is the foundational Constitutional hurdle.  If the high court of the US rehears and rules the Pennsylvania Supreme Court made an unconstitutional law (Constitutional Question not the preference of the Justices for President) then all the votes arriving after 8:00 PM on November 3, 2020 are null and void.

Further alleged violations of points of law entail the requirement for opposition observers being able to observe the counting process to help ensure a free and fair election. There are numerous witnesses and video proving this requirement to observe has been violated.


Backdating Ballots Is Illegal

In Michigan, another contested state where the President was in the lead on November 3, 2020, a postal employee whistleblower has reported to authorities that his Postal Service Supervisor (maybe a trustee soon … LOL) ordered his employees to backdate ballots that arrived after the deadline on November 4, 2020 to the day before November 3, 2020 curing their default.

Those ballots are illegal. Yet they were counted through the night and it looks like chiseling away at the President’s clear lead on November 3, 2020, to cheat us out of our Constitutional Right to choose our leaders in free and fair elections, as their violations of law clearly indicate.  Democrat Election Fraud.

Meanwhile we all went to bed on the election night with Trump firmly in the Lead in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada with the caveat from news media that the mail in votes still to be counted would probably favor Joe “PinnochiJoe” Biden.


Media Silence On Potential Election Fraud

Low and behold, after FOX News (SUX News … I recommend NewsMax and OAN, who have not tried to act as legislatures calling the contested election, as the other networks whom act as PR Agents for Democrats) prematurely called Arizona for Biden and sustained the same after viewer complaints arose, then Pennsylvania among other states called a halt to the count until morning. And guess what all races (Penn., Wis., Michigan, North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada) through the night had drastically tightened and Biden was now like to be elected according to the mainstream media.

By the fifth of November Biden was gaining and Friday he attained the lead through two nights of presumed lawless process to get to the required Biden victory numbers.

This including SUX News the new CNN.  FAKE NEWS!  FAKE ELECTION!  FAKE 46. Prisonresident Biden, Some Fake Republicans (Republicrats) and Criminal Democrats have tried to steal or facilitate the stealing of your rights and my rights.

Recount is underway in Georgia.  Court orders and Lawsuits in Philadelphia, Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin (TRIUMPH, Georgia was looking into things without any court order).  Please do not buy a Harley Davidson or any of their cheese and Boycott Oshkosh, until Wisconsin audits, recounts and corrects their own election fraud.  (Sue me.  I dare you.) No, I would not call my lawyer, I am my lawyer and very successful, to the Glory of the Lord.)

Rudy Giuliani is the President’s lawyer.  He’s a good one too.  Rudy brought down the New York Mafia Families as US Attorney in the Southern District of New York.  Rudy is filing lawsuits Monday 11/09/2020.  Bet they won’t be asking Rudy, “where’s your evidence?”

==>> Giuliani Holding A Press Conference In Philadelphia With Witnesses As to Irregularities <<==

These issues we deal with in this election and the despicable actions of the press in calling a contested election for Biden are all caused where the Constitution says Tuesday November 3 is “Election Day” Democrats want to ignore the text of the document which defines restraints on authority, its limitations for states and the right enumerated to individuals for a free and fair election now redefined with unless Democrats want things to be thus instead.  Now with instantaneous communication around the globe we are twice in 20 years subjected to “Election month or two.”  Very unimpressive.

Biden really needs to shut his pie hole because he has not been elected to any Presidency yet requiring certification by 50 legislatures.

Thank you for reading my post and for visiting my site.  Please leave any comments or questions below.  Engaging hate mail is fine too.  Yours Truly, Chris.




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