New Dark Ages – The Hole In The Head Gang


Chapter Four

Objective Statistical Evidence Overwhelms

Dictionary definition: “Statistics is a mathematical science pertaining to the collection, analysis, interpretation or explanation, and presentation of data. Statistics are also used for making informed decisions. … Statistical methods can be used to summarize or describe a collection of data; this is called descriptive statistics.”

Dawkins abuses the Science of Biology, so also political sensationalists abuse the Science of Statistics. Framing their questions in a manipulative way we were told Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 election. OOOps.

You Lose!

The statisticians involved in politics, many of them believe they can drive the results by using statistics in a manipulative manner.  A wagging of the dog by the tail, they hope.

Here is what I mean: If I walked through university biology departments (under the Darwinianism-Billions of years paradigm) to allow their religion of Evolutional Darwinianism and asked “Have you ever seen evidence of God in your scientific research?” Of course we’d get mostly no for an answer. Then after ten university samplings we could publish:

“Scientists agree there is no God.”  But they have a hole in their head.

Manipulating the questions for the desired result and manipulating the headline for the desired outcome in elections is not science (Ask Hillbillary) it is abuse of the science. Polls gather a reputation surrounding the integrity or not in the Polling Accuracy.

Engineering Statistics

Engineers use statistics in figuring probability for systems failure, and for quality control in many endeavors. So I am familiar with the science as a BSME. From my July 26, 2020 Blog Post concerning two of my mentors: Sir Isaac Newton and Sir Robert Anderson:

Newton  (Included in the listed links here below.)

“There are more sure marks of authenticity in the Bible that in any profane history.” Isaac Newton.

Correct Sir Isaac. “I can solve the math from my seat in history that you could not from your seat in history.”  Chris Queen Quote. My readers at , all over the world have seen from my posts June 7, 2020 until July 24, 2020 the math and Objective Evidence and simple statistical science grow as follows now with Sir Robert Anderson’s mathematical evidence in his book “The Coming Prince” HERE. So lets add it up in simple statistics with Sir Robert Anderson’s 100 plus years old contribution.  The probability God did not write the Bible, Dawkins

1/15 x 1/14 x 1/13 x 1/12 x 1/11 x 1/10 x 1/9 x 1/8 x 1/7 x 1/6 x 1/5 x 1/4 x 1/3 x 1/2 x 1/1 =

7.647163731819816e-13 = 0.000000000000765 How many of you would concede that is zero?

Posts on Christopher Queen  Prophetic Author, Mathematics Investigator BSME:  EVIDENCE

List of the Post Links on https:// (June 7, 2020 thru July 24, 2020) with the Objective Evidence:

  1. 1.  June 7, 2020 Post Title:  Richard Dawkins The God Delusion – Correction: The Richard Dawkins Delusion
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  12. 12. July 10, 2020 Post Title:  Sensational Trials 20th Century – Dawkins Turnip Trial     This one is my favorite.
  13. 13. July 13, 2020 Post Title:  Number One Selling Book All Time –  Bible! Best Selling Of All Time
  14. 14. July 19, 2020 Post Title: The Evidence Of God – What Is Objective Evidence?
  15. 15. July 22, 2020 Post Title:  Encyclopedia of World History – End Times Bible Prophesy
  16. 16. July 26, 2020 Post Title:  Sir Robert Anderson – The Sensuous Curmudgeon

These posts on the website contain the objective events and math where applicable and led to the statistics probability charted thus far and I am aware of further direct objective prophetic fulfillment stated in the scriptures with specificity.

Newton knew the math was there but could not with insufficient variables closed (Too many x’s, y’s and z’s at his point in history, without known values for you who hate algebra) to reach any solution.  The 1948 rebirth of Israel and the 1967 retaking of the Temple site closed the variables to unseal Daniel’s Scrolls.

To the Parties:

A.  The alleged scientists: You are interested only in being your own gods therefore interested in one side of what you think the story is in your errors.  I could care less what you believe but as one rigorously trained in the Physics, Chemistry and Math for Mechanical Engineering, I can see through the error you purvey.  “Garbage In Garbage Out.”

B.  The seminarian class i.e. in the main Laodiceans completely lukewarm as the Lord warned us you’d be, uninterested in anything outside the numbers game in the running of the business which has become the church in our day set apart from all controversy as though Jesus died to “bring peace, not a sword” and happy suburbanites with 2.5 children two cars and incomes with discretionary income galore to send your children to university where I read ZERO SCIENCE programs offered (at your weak college) however, marketing, leadership and the like.  You have neglected the truth outside John 3: 16 and left John 3: 17 off the agenda.  John MacArthur has stood up.  He has for now asserted rights you yawn about and take for granted.  He will be further persecuted.  He is not afraid of persecution because for all his errors in my opinion he has taken the Lord’s advice and become Hot not cold and certainly not lukewarm.  The same can be said for Jack Hibbs and a handful of others not committed to the synthetic world you’ve luxuriated in here in the land of luxury.  (They know who they are but if the shoe fits?)  Get the new pharmaceutical wonder or better yet ask the Lord to to help you Growacet.  No wonder the world stays away in droves where you’ve filled your altars with your sons and daughters and presented a gospel tantamount to Fairy Tales Of Jesus and so that is how the world treats it.  The Glor-y-fied Superstitions of Jesus will not convert the lost of this world so you produce very little fruit treating the evidence God sent you like dog crap and the one who brought it to you even worse I Thessalonians 5: 20 and you cannot have 21-28 if you do) and your disciples (Matthew 23: 15) submarine anyone who does produce fruit because religion produces no fruit, the Spirit of truth does, and you don’t preach about him anymore.

C.  To those not in Jesus (yet) he stands at the door and knocks.  Read my freely provided evidence and believe it.  Open the door to him (Just say Jesus I believe and I open the door to you) because he will come to any seeking him with their whole heart.  These are promises from God.  His promises are all good all the time from everlasting to everlasting.

D.  To those who believe we are in the Dark Ages here where alleged science claims we are highly evolved and fit tad poles whom can do as they please having been created by an unexplained lump of mass subjected to mysterious forces to explode and organize itself SPONTANEOUSLY into the Saturn V and the thousands who created the sophisticated machines necessary to travel from one celestial body to the other these with regular orbits for required   rendezvous also spontaneously conjured spontaneously from the lump.  That is what they teach your children in their schools.  Richard Dawkins as his friend Christopher Hitchens who has already been through and after his initial horror in realization and bending his knee saying “Jesus Christ is Lord.”  That’s your future Richard Dawkins.  Take a sincere look at the evidence God has shown me and I have shown you.  Then work out from there. That’s my best advice.

And the rest of you in The Hole In The Head Gang, who simply refuse and that’s all it is, your stubborn refusal to acknowledge God as God.  Romans 1: 18- 2: 4.  I don’t have any sympathy for you.  God’s Judgments are just.  He knows you hate him.  He told us that’s why you hate us.  But that won’t do you any good.

Thank you for visiting me here today.  Thank you for reading my posts.  Please leave any questions below and I will answer them.  Leave any comments good or bad below also.  Thank you.  Your Professor.



9 thoughts on “New Dark Ages – The Hole In The Head Gang”

  1. Hello there, thanks for the very nice and educational article you have shared here on your site. I have to say I am really impressed with how you have made things clear right from the start but giving the various definition of things and that has aided clearer understanding off the latter. I still would love to learn more about engineering statistics, it’s still not very clear to me

    • Hello Justin and thank you for your comment.  A basic look at probability is this God makes a prediction and he is fulfilled.  1/1 is his record.  Then 1/2 then 1/3 and so on.  Multiplying the fractions give in this case the odd God did not write the Bible because we have seen 15 accurate predictions.  1/2 x … 1/15 = 0.000000000000000765.  There are intro books and websites on statistics if you want to know more about the subject.  Thank you again Justin for your comments.  Chris   

    • Justin thank you for your comment and question.  The statistic here presented in my post and book is really very simple, though a very complicated statistics is possible making the odds Google (a scientific number) to one that God did not write the Bible.  Here I have merely done this: God predicted one even so he get a 1/1 then he predicts another event and gets 1/2 and so on until we are at God predicting 15 events very precisely.  1/15.  So multiplying all the fractions gives 7.65 times 10 to the minus 13 which is written 7.65 x 10 ^ 13.  0r 0000000000000765 chances God did not write the Bible.  I just looked at an introductory statistics book on Thriftbooks that costs $ 5.76 if you are wanting to begin to study statistics.  Than you for your comment Justin.  Chris 

  2. Hello here, this is a very good post that really explains a lot that I can get to know about statistical analysis. Right from the get go of this post, you did a very good explanation on it that opens my mind to what it means and I like that. I also like the fact that now I understand what it means even better and I would do the best to share as well.

    • Hi Suz and thank you again for your comment.  You understand what I have done is a very simple chart of predicted and fulfilled i.e. God said it would happen and it did, so he gets 1/1.  Multiplying the fractions out as he keeps hitting correctly to 1/15 for fifteen affirmative hits gives us the odds that he did not write the Bible = 0.000000000000765 in other words the odds are very near zero that God is not the author.  These are actually more complicated in the case of events that land on prophesied date making the actual odds much smaller that God did not write the 66 books through 40 authors over 3500 years.  But the simple chart makes the point.  765,000,000,000,000 (765 Trillion to one) to One that God did write the Bible.  It is irrefutable.  Thank you again for commenting.  Chris.

  3. At fist when is started reading through this article, I didn’t understand what it is really about and going deeper into it, I realized you have  a very educative article here, statistics is a very lovely thing to do. It’s very thoughtful of you to share this article, it has a lot of interesting things to teach.

    • Thank you very much for your comment Bruce.  The point is a absolute claim made by God in Isaiah “that he tells the end from the beginning and from ancient times what is still to come.”  I asked myself long does he or does he not.  HERE you’ll find the concise result of my search.  The objective evidence overwhelms.  Thank you Bruce.  If you have anymore questions or comments leave them below.  Thank you again Bruce.  Chris.  

  4. Simply good to read here. One thing that has really been great here is how you have enlightened us and widen the scope to see beyond the lies in between these fields of studies and their basis for most of their submissions with the aim of trying to be their gods too. Really great to see in here. Thank you

    • Thank you Nath.  How are you today?  Well I hope.  The science community being deceived themselves are one thing.  I don’t write to convince them.  I write to shore up the faith of those who already believe and to gather the unbelieving to Jesus through faith born of the Word and the evidence God boasted he put there.  It is the leadership who yawn and treat this as contemptible I rail at when I rail.  They are lukewarm.  But I thank you for reading and commenting.  If you have questions I want to answer them for you.  Thank you again, Chris.


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