October Surprise Definition – Obama Acts Of Treason

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Nixon And Obama Bob Woodward the champion of Watergate and his words on how serious Nixon’s crimes were.  Nixon’s crimes came in trying to cover up the dirty tricks campaign of his underlings in breaking into Democrat National Headquarters located in the Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C. G. Gordon Liddy the chief figure in the … Read more

The Lies of Biden- Joe PinnochiJoe Biden

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OBJECTIVE FACT: PinnochiJoe Biden’s Son Did Receive 3.5 Million From Baturina By Wire Transfer The Hunter Biden Lie proclaimed by PinnochiJoe Biden in the debate is where we begin.  That PinnochiJoe Biden is a liar is an objective fact. That is a statement we have objective evidence to prove time and again. The Communists (Radical … Read more