The Lies of Biden- Joe PinnochiJoe Biden

OBJECTIVE FACT: PinnochiJoe Biden’s Son Did Receive 3.5 Million From Baturina By Wire Transfer

The Hunter Biden Lie proclaimed by PinnochiJoe Biden in the debate is where we begin.  That PinnochiJoe Biden is a liar is an objective fact. That is a statement we have objective evidence to prove time and again.

The Communists (Radical Democrats) Press have tried after Chris Wallace (debate moderator?) with Schumer, Pelosi and company have tried to obfuscate the issues behind the alleged rudeness of President Trump.

The left (those listed above) must have forgotten “we the people” elected Donald Trump not only in spite of his direct communication but because he communicates directly in battle.

PinnochiJoe Biden’s Twice Baked Lies

The Big Lies of PinnochiJoe Biden:

While Biden was unbelievably, rehashing the false and completely DISPROVEN allegations of the “Hillary Clinton hatched Russian Collusion and treasonous allegations in her conspiracy to tie Trump to Putin to distract voters and investigators from her Private E mail Server and all the criminal conduct associated” Biden when pressed by Trump asking:

“Why did your son receive 3.5 Million Dollars from the wife of the former mayor of Moscow?”

Biden, who was not pressed by the Media Figure Wallace (harldy any press left in them, facts, not opinions is what the press deals in remember?):

Biden’s reply:  “That’s been completely discredited!”

PINOOCHIJOE THAT IS A BOLD FACED LIE as laid out in the 87 page Senate Report HERE.

Page 5 from the Senate Report:

“Hunter Biden received a $3.5 million wire transfer from Elena Baturina, the wife of the former mayor of Moscow.”

CONCLUSION OF FACT: Biden was lying to the people of the United States in the debate as he did several times and the President knowing Democrat Chris Wallace had zero intention of holding PinnochiJoe accountable to any facts tore into Biden for his lying several times.  Now they want a kill switch to turn off the President’s mic when he asserts the facts claiming he was just being a rude interrupter.

Objective Facts: PinnochiJoe Biden Is A Command Economy Communist And Supprts The Green New Deal

Here, next we deal with the PinnochiJoe Biden claim he does not support the “Green New Deal”:

“Former Vice President Joe Biden proclaimed during Tuesday’s debate with President Trump that he doesn’t support the Green New Deal, but his environmental plan on his website calls it a “crucial framework” for fighting climate change.

PinnochiJoe:  “The Green New Deal is not my plan,” the Democratic presidential nominee said of the sweeping environmental proposal put forward by progressive Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.).

But the moderator, Fox News’ Chris Wallace, pressed him on whether he supports the plan that calls for the US to meet 100 percent renewable energy.”  N.Y. Post article

PinnochiJoe Biden: “No, I don’t support the Green New Deal,” Biden said.

President Trump: “Oh, you don’t? Well, that’s a big statement,” Trump quickly interjected, denouncing the plan as the end of airplanes and cows.

President Trump:  “That means you just lost the radical left. It’s gone.”

But Biden persisted.

PinnochiJoe:  “I support the Biden plan that I put forward, which is different than what he calls the ‘radical Green New Deal,’” the Democratic candidate said.”

The New York Post reports otherwise PinnochiJoe See the NYPost article HERE

CONCLUSION:  Biden lies about his support for a Command Economy, and is among the Communists of the left and supports the Green New Deal.

PinnochiJoe Biden Was Fully Aware Of The HillBillary Conspiracy, Complete Lies, That Led To Impeaching President Trump

Supported by the evidence of former CIA director Brennan’s hand written notes in the Senate’s investigation we know for certain the Hillary Clinton hatched plot to tie then Candidate Donald Trump to Russian Collusion was relayed to Obama, Biden and Comey of the former FBI director.

Remember now this is what directly led to the impeachment and effectively derailed the Trump Administration for over two years with the likes of Adam Schiff, Richard Blumenthal, Nanci Pelosi and Chuck Schumer slandering the President and making false statements claiming there was evidence of collusion then “soon to be revealed.”

Adam Schiff (and Blumenthal) had “seen this evidence himself” he repeatedly told us.  The Trump Presidency then under the dark cloud of HillBillary’s false, accusatory Steele Dossier which she and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) had paid to have produced.

Other Democrat Congressmen and Senators also claimed there was compelling evidence in their possession and the Media (remember they are all Communists) all of this going on while President Trump went about the country’s business of restoring the economy ruined by these very Constitutional Criminals including PinnochiJoe in the Legislature for 47 years delivering with Obama the slowest economic recovery since Roosevelt in the thirties.

Does anyone truly want an economy ruled over by PinnochiJoe Biden, AOC, Adam Schiff, Richard Blumenthal, Ilhan Omar, Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi these in COMMAND of what business may or may not be pursued all exaclty like the Green Energy programs of Obama which wasted public resources and produced Bupkis.  

From National Review by Andrew C. McCarty September 29, 2020 6: 28, PM the latest on the Hillary Russian Conspiracy, Conspiracy which became the Democrat (Communists) Russian Collusion Conspirathy Thufferin Thucotath to impeach the President and wasted precious public rescources in the MEDIA (Communists) Circus Read About it HERE.

PinnochioJoe Biden also claimed in the debate he is the Democrat Party.  PinnochiJoe a polished turd is still a turd.  A well and oft repeated lie is still a lie.  Joe Biden you are a LIAR.

Thank you for visiting my site.  We are the Niche of Truth including the truth that “we can convict Jesus as the Son of God in any reasonable court of law. HERE”  We have further here proven for a surety that PinnochiJoe Biden is a Liar and a supporter of the other liars.  “We The People” should be more concerned about the liars than whether or not the President is not polite enough for Chris Wallace and Chuck Schumer when he calls them out on their falsehoods.  Chris.

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