Trump Supreme Court Pick – Expect Unrest

In A Few Hour It Will Be On, As They Say

Trump Supreme Court Pick will likely cause a ruckus across the board.  Expect Unrest due to the Calculated Ignorance perpetrated by manipulated education in the indoctrination mills characterized as schools in the United States.

I like the way Candace Owens, one of my heroes, puts it:

“Why didn’t masters allow slaves to learn to read?  For the very same reason the Left does not want                              black Americans to learn our history:  It is impossible to enslave an educated mind.”  Candace Owens

And the educators of the educators, have gone even further down at Indoctriversities (Universities) their narrative texts and lectures a mere sprinkling of truth as on a cake donut to misdirect the attention of virtual children.  Candace Owens is an adult.

This sprinkled truth, on the dog pile of big fat lies, has left all Americans in possession of ERROR inasmuch as black people believe many, many more white people owned slaves and in calculated deceit the new plantation owners (As Candace names them) have added liberal whites and their guilt trip to the new herd of ignorant voters they perpetuate.

Manipulation Of Truth On Slavery

One point 3% (1.3%) of white people owned any slaves in 1860 according to the US Census that year.

In other words:

Ninety Eight Point Seven Perecent (98.7%) of white people owned ZERO slaves in 1860 according to the US Census that year.  

So reality is very close to 99% or nearly 99 white Americans out of 100 white Americans did not own any slaves the year the Civil War to end slavery began.  Funny, I had to view the census from 1860 and figure this out for myself.

Untruth has to do with sprinkles on the donut sometimes to allow what comes thereafter to materialize as further error that is useful for the desired result of the manipulators presenting half truth and outright lies which result.

Attending College in my thirties and graduating at age forty from engineering (BSME) I was exposed to indoctrination and saw it for what it actually was being more developed in understanding of politics from the more philosophical position.

Evidence, Capitalism Works

The most blatant was the global warming mantra which is carefully designed to modify the Capitalist economic system which has created the largest middle class in the world right here in the USA.  A large independent middle class means a maximum in liberty, decent living conditions, lower crime rates and increased educational opportunities.

Let’s look at Microsoft as example where Gates and company in 1978 were nobodies. Here is the 1978 Microsoft company photo 1978:

Let’s consider here from this geeky bunch of Seattle Hippies (Gates in the lower left corner) we realized spinoffs galore after 1990 or so when Microsoft published Windows giving the masses access to computers.  Prior individuals who could program their own computers in basic and configure in DOS were the ones with access.

In 1990 I was taking AutoCAD in JCCC (Juco) and Tom Hughes the instructor asked me after the launch of Windows, “What does IBM stand for?”  I said, “I don’t know.”  He laughed and replied, “I’m Becoming a Machintosh.”

Seven years later at my graduation (University of Kansas, Rock Chalk) we were using the internet and receiving and sending E mail with our professors.

MS Word revolutionized written communication destroying the typwriter industry but giving rise to Hewlett Packard, Intel, Acer, Gateway and a huge list of other companies employing millions of people within the required industry production, design, research and development eventually leading to the cell phone explosion.

The colleges and Universities simultaneously developing new curriculums designed around the new technologies spawned by Microsoft, Apple and Linex including Facebook, Amazon, Yahoo, Google, Bing the CD and DVD industry and on an on the middle class has grown and these are not McJobs as the manipledia (media) characterized them.

Verdict:  With millions now substantially employed in these arenas earning 50,000 or more per year a huge increase in middle class and ownership of private property Capitalism Works.  The entire world has benefitted from this explosion.

 Meanwhile The PITTANCE, Scene Of The Crime

In KU I was required to take one more liberal arts class and I took environmental science.  I called it Regan Bashing 101.  While I was witnessing the huge turnaround from Stagflation (Nixon/Carter) due in large part to the huge sums spent on the Great Society.

Candace Owens speaks to the result inasmuch as she points out to her constituency, if they can’t outright own slaves anymore the next best thing is getting them to continue to do all the work for very little or no pay.

Candace speaks to the dissollusion of the black American families in the disenfranchising of the black American Fathers from the home the government providing a PITTANCE for single black moms in the welfare system.  LBJ said he would have black Americans voting Democrat for the next 100 years.

Overall the effects have been no male leadership in the home for those white and blacks on the PITTANCE i.e enough for a shack in the ghetto, poor education sytems (gotta keep them ignorant and enslaved as Candace Owens states) and food stamps and of course then blame all these conditions on the mean spirited rich Republicans.

Actual History:  Republicans supported the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 (80% For to 20% Against) whereas Democrats (63% For and 37% Against)

The Supreme Court Appointment

Later today the President will announce his choice to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.  The Democrats are screeching the President should wait until they get their guy in there to maintain the balance of the court they’d prefer.

But the Constitution is clear in the appointments clause saying the President (that’s Donald Trump) shall (that is the language of command per the unanimous US Supreme Court (binding law) again “the President SHALL … .”  He has not the option the Democrats call for.

The advice and consent is then passed to the Senate for their consideration toward approving the nominee or not.  The real problem for the Obama nominee in that last go round is they did not control the Senate when Obama put forth Garland.

Trump Has 5 Already Vetted Appellate Judges Listed

Trump in his usual intelligent approach lists Five Women Appellate Judges who have recently been vetted and approved for their Appellate positions.  Therefore few surprises if any will emerge.  The process with Republicans in control of the Senate should be very quick.

With the divisive press asking inane questions about Trump leaving peacefully if he loses the election and as we’ve seen to date reports of Trump Vote Ballots in ditches and the like the Democrats would like nothing better that a contested election with a divided court 4-4 in such a divisive battle.

The President has his obedience to the command of law to obey.  The Senate will then receive their opportunity toward advice and consent to approve the judge in question.

The Constitutional Question

Roe vs. Wade has been the rallying point of feminists and their sympathizers.  They have been whipped into a frenzy by the DemoMedia for forty years again the Democrats attempting to gather votes for their whack-job policies and philosophies, from the fringe.

Not all Democrats are nuts but the nuts are overwhelmingly enfranchised by the Democrat party.  They are afraid the Supreme Court will by judicial fiat overturn Roe V Wade.  As I have told my Evangelical Friends for years that will not happen.

The jurisprudence of the Court is biased away from any such result where people have come to expect law to provide what it is they have come to expect.  The people expect abortion.

The Court is not, I predict going to overturn what the legislatures may overturn by a Two Thirds Majority.  Once the Court became activist and ruled on Roe v Wade to expect further activism with the population divided on the issue?  We think not.

The Other Issues

You may think Abortion is wrong, as I do.  But it is largely symbolic at this point.  The numbers show 79% of the country supports abortion as legal while 55% think it should not be done at all after the first five months of pregnancy.

With the advent of the abortion pill the mechanical invasive vagina as death chamber becomes less and less the norm and the pharmaceutical industry is stealing the industry as Microsoft did the typewriter industry.

The larger questions have to do with constructionist interpretation of the Constitution in regard to rights of the states (Al Sharpton thinks states rights means re-enslavement but he’s not very bright) and the rights of individuals and their private institutions.

We are likely to have to have intervention to put down the protests morphing as they have into riots, murders and rampant destruction of private property and exercise a firm hand of control over such groups.  Newt was rebuffed by FOX news for bringing George Soros  into the conversation.  Free speech is one thing, but organizing revolution is a federal constitutional crime.  The American people have a democratic republic given them by intelligent men as a gift from God.

The Democrats booed God at one of their recent conventions.  They think we made him up.  But the evidence is clear and the evidence is Here.

Thank you for visiting The Niche Of Truth here at HighQUniversity (proudly non government funded) and thank you also for reading my posts.  Please come back often as I will be writing more soon.  Please leave your valued comments here below as well any questions I will be glad to answer.  Thank you, Chris.














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  1. I am shocked about how 79% of the country supports abortion as legal while 55% think it should not be done at all after the first five months of pregnancy. I understand everyone has different backgrounds and views on things but this one is a very touchy topic and so it should be handled carefully. Hopefully, leaders can make the best decisions and accommodate as many people as they can. Thank you for looking at all these things

    • Thank you energy for your comment.  Of course we are unsure of the accuracy of polls but it appears we still live with a majority favoring legal abortion.  Now as to touchy subjects I am of a different opinion perhaps.  We have the PC Culture here.  Preachers have for the decades of my life coward from wanting to offend the government in regard to the Johnson Amendment which cannot pass Constitutional scrutiny where the First Amendment guarantees government has NO SAY in the expression of religion.  First Amendment Text:  

      “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

      The tax exempt status and loss of same is the fear which has chilled the church in regard to speaking the entire truth on the many social issues of recent decades from the Biblical perspective.  I’m like our President and have always been:  I speak the plain truth as I see it.  Lord Bless.  Praise the Lord and keep the powder dry.  Thank you again for your comment.  Chris.    

  2. Hello there, it a pleasure to be here and I’m happy about the knowledge you’ve passed across through this article and the fact that you brought some historical moments here, many of us will be happy to learn. Information intended to enlighten the public and as I’ve got it here, I’ll like to share with others

    • Justin that you for commenting.  Please do share this post with others.  Getting facts into the light is my creed.  The site is titled Niche of Truth and that is what I am aiming to share here.  Chris 

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this here. I am very delighted to have come across this subject of truth and evidence of fact. To be very honest, the research you have pit into this is very good to see and also very enlightening that you share something as great as this here. Thank you so much for sharing here. Definitely this is a post that we should share to the world around

    • Niche of Truth is what I call this site.  All about OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE so I avoid mere subjective claims an stick to what I can prove.  Here is another example concerning Kyle Rittenhouse and the fact he defended himself and can’t be convicted of murder.

  4. It’s very nice of you to share this information here, reading through it right now is a very good idea and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it from the beginning to the end. I hate manipulation  why should you choose to lie and mislead students about facts of the past, it’s really insane. Nice to have 

    • Bruce, Thank you for your comment.  Yeah we have more an education problem with aca-d-enemia and whako-media it seems.  When my step-son came home from college explaining how the Constitution is a flawed document because of the 3/5 of a person compromise it is lost on him that 80 years later once it was clear action on slavery would then be successful the slavery was abolished.  Now we have mental slavery to outright lies and half-truths, as the great American Candace Owens clarifies.  Thank you again Bruce.  Check this site out too:…  


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